Vinicola Negri


Company Vinicola Negri has been founded by Nereo Negri in San Giorgio, Mantua in 1953.
The company is now managed by his son Roberto, but the family's third generation has been actively working in it for years. Company Negri is among the first wine-production private realities in Mantua province. "Roberto Negri" wine selection reflects the politics of the valorisation of the territory's tradition, whose production comes from the vineyards situated in the best wine production area for Lambrusco of Mantua province, namety in Sabbioneta, in the fertile strip of land delimitated by Oglio and Po rivers. The company gives a particular importance from quality point of view to typical wines of Mantua area "Lambrusco", "Sabbioneta red wine", "Sabbioneta white wine" coming from the classic production areas (Protected Designation of Origin and Typical Geographical Indication areas).