The company was created in 2003 and it now owns 150 hectares of estates. The viticulture covers 50 hectares, while 14 hectares are dedicated to magnifi cent centuries-old olive trees. A modern and functional cellar of 2000 square metres built in harmony with the landscape, which employs the most modern technologies to respect quality and the environment thanks to a very modern photovoltaic system.
Our entire production process is autonomous. The management of our own vineyards, the harvest of the grapes, wine making and bottling are all made with passion and care by a highly specialized and motivated staff led by Giuseppe Caviola, one of the most important and influential winemakers in Italy and around the world. Our most sold wine is Morellino di Scansano (derived totally from Sangiovese grape), however we produce modern reds renewed in tradition with a careful and modern use of woods and the traditional system of “governo toscano” (a slow re fermentation of devatted wine with authorized slightly dried varietal). Finally we produce white wines, Vermentino and Viognier.