The passion between our family and wine burst in the first decade of the past century. Our grandparents understood the potential which the land expressed, setting up one of the first companies for wine from cask commerce. Towards the end of the 60’s, our father Giovanni Soloperto made a step forwards and, before the DOC law, he put in bottle pure Primitivo, n his first small-scale wine cellar. With the passing of time the cellar has grown up to reach its current dimensions and today in our company, we produce about 2 million bottles every year. Primitivo of Manduria is always our main resource, placed side by side by wines of the Apulian tradition such as Negroamaro and some white-berry vines of Murges hill, which are part of the DOC of Martina Franca and Locorotondo.
Our work, in fact, is focused on the promotion of the Apulian autochthonous vines, a land rich of varieties and history.
At the same time, we pay attention to customer’s needs offering to them both simple wines that are ready to drink, and more complex and structured wines, which tolerate ageing very well. Each bottle of Soloperto’s company is always a product of high quality, that travels the world with the aim of sharing the unique, terroir driven wines of the Apulia.