Antica Casa Vinicola SCARPA


The winery was founded 150 years ago by a winemaker from the Veneto, Antonio Scarpa, and more recently was directed by the late Mario Pesce, one of the great winemakers of the Astigiano. Mario introduced new ideas in Scarpa and thanks to the economic boom of the ’70, the Winery increased its production and started to export in new countries. It was in this very favorable economical period that the characteristics of Scarpa raised up: high quality, natural cultivation of the vineyards, traditional wine making.

These elements are almost expected in the contemporary wine world, but not at that time Scarpa has been one of the first Cellars who started to speak about this “philosophy” of making wine, when the keyword was “quantity” and not “quality”. Today Scarpa is wisely managed by Maria Piera Zola, who has became President since the unforgettable harvest of 2001.

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