Le Vigne del Nord Est


Le Vigne del Nord Est is the result of three entrepreneurs coming from very diverse professional backgrounds to meet through their shared passion for wine and its rich world, as well as for the authentic value of the produce of the vineyards of Friuli. The region of Friuli is universally associated with the utmost quality in the process of wine- making; its reliability notwithstanding, a few obstacles render the marketing of its produce a challenging enterprise. Le Vigne del Nord Est aims at selecting only the best produce from the region’s vineyards in order to present it under a unique brand – a universally recognized symbol of quality, tradition and locality.

We select the best produce in order to offer nothing short of excellence, leveraging the Friuli Venezia Giulia terroir with its culture, its lore and unique land characteristics. From our uncompromising purchasing process through to our complete sales support, we are extremely serious about Professionalism and Competence and consider Customer Care an absolute priority.