About Us

R.T. Brokers was founded on the commitment to deliver quality wines to the Ontario marketplace.

In recent years, we have built on this commitment and now have a portfolio of quality wines of great value from different Italian regions, from Piedmont the land of Barolo (the King of wines) to Veneto the land of Amarone and Prosecco, to the Tuscany for its fabulous Chianti and Brunello, to Apulia the deep south of Italy the land of Primitivo, to the island of Sardinia with its great Vermentino and Cannonau.

Through our strong and direct relationships with high level, professional and great winemakers, due to our location in both Canada and Italy, with extensive history and a focus on quality and Exclusive wines, we have developed a collection that includes some of the highest rated wines by Decanter, Parker Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast and AIS (Italian Association of Sommelier).

Our wines are distinguished by their quality-to-price ratio: we are focused on exclusive Premium Brands.

Our success in building a strong and diverse collection stems from our passion for wine.

We travel to the finest wine regions of Italy, Europe and the New World, in order to uncover new and unique wines to bring to the Ontario marketplace. We maintain close ties with all of our suppliers.